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Join the Celebration!

Hold a Concert

Choose from musicians who are already aligned with Angels in Disguise or work with your own choice of band or musicians. Far from typical and more than just music, an Angels in Disguise concert can unforgettably showcase and share the talent, accomplishment, inspiration and smiles of angels. And true to the individuals they celebrate, each concert is uniquely powerful; a truly heart-touching and life-changing experience for both audience and angels. Your church could make a great venue for a concert event. It is easier than you may think. No experience necessary. We will assist you through the entire process.

Home for Halos


Join businesses like Little Caesars, Buffalo Wild Wings, Fantastic Sams and more with this awareness and fundraising campaign.- ideal for businesses, churches and other organizations. For a one dollar donation, individuals can sign paper halos to be posted at your location, along with pictures of the angels. Part of the funds can be designated toward grants to families adopting children with Down syndrome or can go to support an organization in your area. The program is guaranteed to warm any workplace at absolutely no cost. We provide all materials needed. Your only investment is effort.


More about Halo Campaigns 

Invite us to Speak

We will happily share the message of Angels in Disguise with your group or organization. Just invite us. Our contagious passion can lead to inspiration and action.

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