About us


We are a national charity 501c3 charity dedicated to promoting Down syndrome awareness and appreciation. Through musical concerts and other events, we celebrate individuals with Down Syndrome and their unique ability to enrich our lives, inform our souls and warm our hearts.


Our Mission


Celebrate the GIFT of Down Syndrome. Change hearts and minds to achieve a world where individuals with Down Syndrome are embraced and empowered; and inspire action promoting Down Syndrome awareness, education and support.We welcome you to join the celebration!


Our Founders

Angels in Disguise was founded by Mike and Penny Michalak after the birth of their daughter, Elena Rose. Elena was born with Down syndrome. Having grown up with an Uncle With Down syndrome, Uncle Ray, Mike & Penny were overjoyed to have another Angel into their lives. Seeing the response of those around them and being made aware of the challenges still facing individuals with Down syndrome, Mike and Penny held a concert for Elena's first birthday, to celebrate her in a special way. This concert grew into a cause to "Celebrate the GIFT of DOWN SYNDROME!"

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Angels in Disguise

2400 Envoy Circle

Louisville, Kentucky 40299



502-551-7433 - Sara Hamilton, Director of Operations

502-321-8160 - Penny Michalak