Angels have a lot of great friends. And it’s a good thing because sometimes they need a little help to fly. There are many organizations doing incredible work in support of Down syndrome. Angels in Disguise partners and promotes, in passion and fund-raising, with many of these friends including local Down syndrome groups, Best Buddies, Special Olympics and Reece’s Rainbow among others. We are continually looking for new friends to assist with our fund-raising efforts. 

Angels in Disguise has changed hearts, minds, and lives across the nation, but there is much more work to be done. We are unique among charities. The only cure we seek is that of public perception. Fundraising, directly benefiting Down syndrome families and support groups, is only part of our efforts. Awareness is paramount. There are networks of amazing people in place across the country dedicated to the cause and hungry for the opportunity to make a difference. They just need a little help. We are simply looking to give Down syndrome a voice and wings. A choir of angels will take it from there.

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