Angels in Disguise recognizes the need for advancement in our understanding about Down syndrome to improve the lives of Angels. Although Down syndrome is one of the most common genetic cause of intellectual disability, it is among the least funded for research. Making advancements in our understanding opens the doors for effective early therapeutic and medical interventions, to give Angels their best opportunity to reach their full potential. We believe that these advancements will give mothers facing a prenatal diagnosis with Down syndrome, a true and more positive outlook for their child’s future! In 2014, Angels in Disguise initiated a research grant named after Thomas S. Vander Woude through the Jerome Lejeune Foundation. In 2008, Mr. Vander Woude heroically gave his life while saving his son, Joseph, who had fallen into a septic tank while working on his family farm. Mr. Vanderwoude’s sacrifice is a testimony to the dignity and value of human life.

As of 2016, the Jerome Lejeune Foundation ceased operations in the U.S. 

Angels in Disguise is currently seeking new avenues for funding research to improve the lives of individuals with Down syndrome.

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