Our motto is “Celebrating the GIFT of Down syndrome.” And nowhere is this more evident than with our concert series. We host events across the nation attracting thousands of hearts and minds. Our concerts feature world-class musicians with a passion for the cause. Through music, pictures and personal stories, audiences are moved to tears, not of sympathy, but of joy and thanksgiving for the gift of Down syndrome. Without exception, every concert has been remarkable. Our angels, and the ones who love them so dearly, make certain of this. Far from typical and more than just music, an Angels in Disguise concert unforgettably showcases and shares the talent, accomplishment, inspiration and smiles of angels. A chance for them to shine in the light they so genuinely deserve. And true to the individuals they celebrate, each concert is uniquely powerful; a truly heart-touching and life-changing experience for both audience and angels. These concerts have proven to be the perfect medium to promote our message of celebration. We would love to share these gifts with your community.

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Angels in Disguise

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502-551-7433 - Sara Hamilton, Director of Operations

502-321-8160 - Penny Michalak

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