Awareness is everything. Promoting a positive perception of Down syndrome is paramount in all our efforts. With every Angels in Disguise fundraising effort or special event, awareness takes the forefront. With all our passion, we take any opportunity to advocate for the value, acceptance and inclusion of every individual with Down syndrome. Our goal is to move people to look beyond the disguise. To see individuals with Down syndrome as the true angels they are. The overwhelmingly positive influence these angels have on families and communities is unquestionable. People need only to see and hear for themselves. Many simply have limited or no exposure to Down syndrome. Their thoughts and ideas are based on a mountain of misconceptions. The opportunities currently available have never been greater. However, it is only through the collective efforts of families, friends, professionals, organizations and concerned communities that acceptance is becoming even more widespread. Awareness will lead to inspiration. Inspiration will lead to positive and meaningful change.

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